Our Services


Car Sales

Elite Motors features a great selection of many popular makes and models. Our dealership provides a full range of brand new and used cars, including luxury cars from brands such as Nissan, Jaguar, Land Rover, MINI& BMW. We strive to provide an excellent service in terms of quality of work since our main objective is the full satisfaction of our clients. Consistency and reliability are built into our customer support approach, while our team is always on the lookout for opportunities to improve the services offered.



Our dealership features a complete finance department to help you discover flexible car financing options. We are in position to explain in detail programs with or without deposit or interests, a number of installments, the best possible interest rate etc., always in collaboration with your Bank.



Collaborating with the best insurance companies is what enables us to provide the best car insurance options. We offer the most appropriate insurance packages that include the right insurance coverage for all car sales or rentals. Our goal is to provide adequate insurance coverage, the best possible rates and the greatest discounts. With our company, your car is properly insured, and we offer worldwide recognizable 'No Clams Bonus' certificate as well as low excess amount. Affiliated Insurance Companies: Royal Crown Insurance, Trust InsurancePancyprian Insurance and Ydrogios Insurance.


Μ.Ο.Τ Testing

Elite Motors provides vehicle inspection services (M.O.T.). The test is carried out to determine whether your vehicle is safe and roadworthy for Cyprus. After the M.O.T. test is carried out in our facilities, both a Certificate for Successful Technical Control and a Certificate of Road Worthiness are issued for the vehicle.


Car Service

We also provide car maintenance services to keep your car run smoothly. Trust the maintenance as well as the mechanical and general inspection of your car to our Company for a prompt and quality service and enjoy the lowest rates on replacement parts.


Auto Parts

Our Company collaborates with the best importers of auto parts and offers to its clients, quality and cost-effective components and parts.


Oil Change

We can take care of your oil changed at Elite Motors.